3 Different Methods of Tracking a Mobile

Did you know there is a Service available with many websites that enables a user to Track a certain Mobile Number, his Mobile Location and Registered Address with the help of a Phone Number? Yes lots of websites such as FullonSMS for instance provide users A Mobile Number Tracker Service to help determine the exact location of a particular phone number. There are 3 different methods on how this service works.

Mobile Tower Location

Mobile Tracker Services make us of the Mobile towers located near to the concerned phone number to retrieve the location of the phone. The distance between the first and second mobile tower will give a user idea about the location of any mobile number.

Use of GPS

By using the Global Positioning System, this software can ascertain the exact location of a mobile number. GPS uses the help of satellites to find a location, which proves to be more accurate than the method of mobile towers.

WiFi Triangulation

Nowadays there are about a million WiFi access points almost everywhere. The Mobile Locator service uses such WIFi access points to calculate the location of any mobile connected with it.

So now don’t let those unwanted missed calls or the unreachable tone of your daughter’s Mobile phone bother you. Type in the Number and extract the exact location of your loved ones .

Numerous Options Offered by Recharge Sites

Recharging mobile has always been a daunting task for everyone. Just the thought of going out and standing in the queue is enough to give up on the idea of recharging, which is, of course, not possible as you need mobile recharge for your further communication needs. Then free mobile recharging sites came which helped in cutting down this problem of queue as you could do it staying at your home or office, where ever you prefer.

In fact these recharging websites have become a norm nowadays. Almost everyone is recharging their phones via these sites as they offer numerous benefits some of which are listed below:

  •     Comfort and convenience of recharging from anywhere.
  •     24*7 option of recharging.
  •     No need of standing in queues.
  •     No need of cash as you can recharge via your credit or debit card.
Only require internet connection and internet banking option.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, recharging websites also offer another advantage of performing various other monetary tasks that mostly forces us to stand in queues for a long time. Some of them are:

  • Bill Payment: There are various bill payments that one need to do as soon as a new month starts or at the month end. These payments however can be done from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is open website like paytm or any similar one and select the option of bill payment such as electricity bill, water bill and fill in the required information.
  • Data Card: Data Card or dongle recharge can also be done using these websites. In correct place type the asked information like type of data card, its number and the operator. After this type the amount of recharge and click enter. You will be asked your card details now. Fill it in the space given and your card will get recharged easily.  
  • Mobile Internet Recharge: Internet access on mobile is probably the biggest blessing in disguise as you can now perform all you Internet based task from your mobile. However, it does cost you some amount so getting Internet pack or regularly getting your number recharged for internet connection seems like a better option than letting it cut into your talk time money. You can recharge the same from the websites which also offers options under Internet recharge.
  • View History: If you have registered yourself with these websites, then you can easily view your previous orders under the same heading in your account. You can also use this history to recharge if you want to repeat any task by just clicking on the option repeat order or something similar.

Ultoo is also on of the free mobile recharge sites who offer some amount of recharge money for completing specific tasks like playing games on their websites, completing offers or surveys.

Tips and Tricks to Get Free Recharge

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, or mobile phones in general, mobile recharge has garnered a permanent space in the monthly expenditure of every household all over India. But what if you could save this expense just by using few tricks online? 

There are many free mobile recharge websites which allow their members to receive free mobile recharge in the accounts for performing certain activities on the website. One such website is called Ultoo. This site was created with single motto of helping Ultoo users to connect with their loved ones via SMS and mobile (free recharge is provided by them). Just follow the tips given below and earn your mobile recharge without paying any extra penny:

  • With Ultoo you start earning right from the time of registration and verification process. Your successful registration garners you Rs. 2 in your account and Re. 1 when your email id gets verified for the first time.
  • Grow your network on the website by inviting family and friends on Ultoo. This will also help you to receive Rs 2 for every friend that joins Ultoo through your referral link. However, remember that money will get credited in your account only after successful registration, login and couple of messages sent by your friend.

  • How to Refer your Friends on Ultoo. 

  • There are many websites that are created around the concept of asking the opinion of people on certain or any topic. Ultoo also includes this feature in its list of services with 1 paisa worth amount attached to each and every response. Your account can also get credited with 10 Paisa for submitting poll questions.
  • Getting bored!!Not to worry. Ultoo has an answer for this boredom also. Just play games, quizzes and earn free recharge for every correct answer. One such game is called which basically asks question related to English grammar and vocabulary as whole. Every correct answer is accorded with 2 Paisa which only gets credited to your after you have answered 10 questions in a row. 
  • The second interesting past time is Jackpot. It has different levels having different amount set against them. This also follows the same rule of playing 10 questions straight to get money credited. The list of level with their earning is given below-

  1. Silver Level – 1 Paisa
  2. Gold Level – 2 Paisa
  3. Diamond Level -  3 Paisa
  4. Platinum Level – 4 Paisa

To redeem the free recharge that you earned you need minimum balance of Rs. 10.Apart from above services, you can also spend hours on website playing many more games and watching videos which can be saved under your account for reviewing at later time. 

Free Local Business Listing Sites - Add Your Business on High PR Sites

Local Business Listing: 

There are thousand of websites where local business owner can submit their business.Here are some high page rank

Local Business Listing Sites List

WebSites Google Page Rank Alexa Rank 7 4 9 1 9 14 8 24 8 166 8 1442 7 1350 7 139 9 948 7 5917 7 973 7 1630 6 1364 7 529 6 1364 7 17489 7 8547 7 12165 5 2166 7 184 NA 6040 5 2774 7 5417 7 1055 8 6699 7 4150 6 1445 7 4150 6 1839 7 1336 6 20240 5 936 6 21388 6 3169 6 21721 4 3169 5 9125 6 16838 7 8893 6 2871 6 8555 6 6762 3 52685 5 10060 6 6265187 5 59225 5 15910 5 45569 5 9320 5 30445 0 5995 5 48179 6 5995 6 5015 6 27514 NA 24173 3 63339 3 60898 7 55564 NA 63339 2 71457 5 94086 3 20503 1 20503 3 58962 4 164559 4 802986

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 You can find local business listing sites in India here.

Top 10 Bulk SMS Providers in India

A research produced by Times of India demonstrated that SMS messages has a open rate around 95 percent.Out of 99 percent, 90 percent SMS are read within short period of time.Which indicates that your marketing messages will not likely ignored.Messages Responses rates usually range from 15 to 20 percent.Which are e 3-4 times more than email responses rates.So we concluded that SMS is one another good marketing service.Most of the marketer still finds bulk SMS service is much better than other marketing efforts.

Bulk SMS Providers in India

Here I am Listing Some Top Bulk SMS Providers in India.Some of these sites also provides Bulk Email Services including advance reports like you can now check your SMS ,Email campaign status,bounce rate,conversion,open rate easily.How many SMS and Eamils are actually read or huw many users actually convert into goal.These are some bulk SMS sites i have mention here.

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Free SMS Sites in India - Top Sites to send Free SMS

Research shows us that SMS is much more popular than calling anyone.About 4.1 billion text messages are sent per day in India.With hundreds of millions of people texting regularly.In a study more than 70 percent people use texting as a way of interaction.Many of them uses it for personal use and some of them use it for business purposes.

So,Are you looking for site that provides free SMS service in India. I am listing some sites which provides free SMS facility in India.

Free SMS Sites in India

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Play Online Quizzes & Games to Get Free Recharge

Quizzes are probably one of the best ways of spending idle time, which not only help us from getting bored, but also helps to increase our knowledge about numerous topics. Earlier we used to buy books for this, but now anybody can cultivate this healthy habit of passing time by going online. There are many games website which allow people to play games, answer quizzes and do a lot more. One such website is, which, although, is not a games website, but provide numerous services like free mobile recharges to entertain their users.

Find Here:- Free Mobile Recharge Sites in India

ULtoo : Play Online Quizzes & Games

Ultoo was started with the purpose of helping common Indian people get free mobile recharge online through hassle-free services. Ultoo user gets free recharge money from the moment they register with the website and also for inviting their friends and contacts to the website. It offers many entertaining services to its registered members such as watching videos, chatting with friends, playing games and answering quizzes. Out of these, playing games and answering quizzes correctly, accords user with some amount of money that gets credited to their account. Games offered by the website are:

Play Online Fun Quiz:

In this category you are tested on your knowledge of world famous and your favorite brands and for providing your opinion on various Netas.
  • Vote 4 Note:

    We Indians like to get our opinion heard and if appreciation for sharing information is accorded than it is even better. Well Vote 4 Note is based on the same theory. You get 4 options of Netas with each and every question. Vote for the option you think is most appropriate and get free recharge amount deposited in your account. The best part is that if your choice and website’s choice is same then you get triple the amount. So you decide, which is more important – your choice or triple recharge amount.
  • Brand ka Boss:

    So you think you can recall all the details and information about your favorite band in just few seconds? How about testing your knowledge with a simple and easy quiz? In this game you have to first select the brand and then answer the questions based on the brand selected by you. Each correct answer will fetch you mobile recharge which will only get credited when you attempt at least 10 questions.  

Learn & Earn:

As stated before, Ultoo accords its registered members with games which not only help them to earn free mobile recharge online, but also helps to improve their skills like English grammar and vocabulary. In Learn English you have to fill the blanks and complete the sentence with most appropriate word chosen from the 4 options given. Each correct answer earns 1 paisa that will only get credited to your account; when all 10 questions are attempted in one go.

My Lucky Day:

Do you feel as if you are the only person with best knowledge about cricket? Furthermore, also considers yourself as the luckiest person in the world, then Kismet ke Khiladi is the game for you. You can earn free 100 rs. recharge many times a day in every hour for answering questions about cricket.

However, user can only redeem the money credited into their accounts for mobile recharging, that too if the amount is at least Rs. 10. So what are you waiting for!!Just register with and start earning free mobile recharge online.